JGoodies Web Site Relaunch

The JGoodies web site has been overhauled to make it easier for you to find the tools, libraries, products, presentations, and information you’re looking for. Therefore we’ve simplified the navigation and reduced the design elements per page.

During the relaunch several links and download files had to be adjusted. Please report broken downloads and links. Thanks in advance – Karsten Lentzsch

Author: Karsten Lentzsch

As architect and designer of Java tools, demos, and several professional Swing libraries, Karsten Lentzsch is considered a leading expert in Java user interface technology and pluggable look&feel. He brings a wealth of experience in designing usable and elegant Java application to JGoodies. For over 21 years Karsten has been involved in object technologies and user interface design as a consultant, trainer, architect and expert developer. Since adopting Java programming early in 1997 he has designed and developed stand-alone applications, application frameworks, Java libraries, and enhancements to the Java look. He publishes articles about Java UI topics and talks at major Java conferences.