JGoodies Standard Dialog Library

The JGoodies Standard Dialog Library (JSDL) makes good design easy, and the bad difficult. It is a set of Java/Swing libraries that help software professionals build consistent and style guide compliant screens and dialogs quickly.

The JSDL addresses problems many developers face when working with Swing: finding the right design, following a style guide, and implementing views quickly.

We’re very excited about the JSDL, because it dramatically reduces the time to design, build, and implement high-quality screens and dialogs. And an increasing number of standardized but customizable dialogs is already done and ships with the JSDL.

The JSDL ships as part of our flagship product, the JGoodies Smart Client.

Higher-Level Layout

With the JSDL you focus on content, we do the style-guide conform layout. Using the layout APIs, you can’t do it wrong. Positions, gaps, sizes, orientations – everything’s done.

Dialog builders further increase the style guide compliance.The builder APIs bring style guide decisions to your Java code editor’s auto completion. The factories lead to dialogs that look native and work as expected and honor the platform’s style:  messages, confirmations, warnings, questions, and informations.

At the highest level, the JSDL delivers finished screens and standard dialogs for login, validation, document life-cycle, progress, errors, warnings, confirmations, etc. where you provide the content and we do the consistent and polished design.