Java Demo Downloads

These applications use and demonstrate the features of our libraries and products. The Showcase provides tutorial examples including sources for the Binding, Forms, and Validation.

The demos run with Java 8, 9, 10, and the latest Java 11 preview.

Name Date Requires Web Start
Showcase 1.9.10
JGoodies Library API reference and examples
Aug/22/2018 ≥ Java 8 Launch
Skeleton 3.4
Swing demo
Mar/16/2018 ≥ Java 8 Launch
Looks Demo 3.5.0b3
Uses and demonstrates the JGoodies L&Fs
Aug/23/2018 ≥ Java 8 Launch
Metamorphosis 1.6
Good and bad Swing design
Mar/16/2018 ≥ Java 8 Launch