We offer training, consulting, design, and development services with a focus on Swing or the transistion from Swing to Web and native apps. Our services complement the JGoodies freeware and products; we assist you in choosing the appropriate package and service and ensure that you get the most out of our offerings – within your budget.



Design Reviews

We offer in-house workshops and remote assistance where we review, discuss, and improve your visual design. As a result your developers will be able to effectively design and implement visual interfaces with one of the Java desktop toolkits.

User Interface Design

We visually design Java panels, dialogs and frames, and we assist you in getting icons, colors, fonts, typography and layout right. Our goal is a functional user interface – with high-fidelity aesthetics wherever possible. We focus on design that you can implement in Swing, JavaFX, or Material Design.

General Consulting

We assist you in improving your application development process, and more generally in getting your Java desktop application work.