JGoodies Smart Client

The JGoodies Smart Client is our  product for professional Java/Swing apps. It comes in three editions: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. The enterprise edition is also available for JavaFX.

Smart Client Basic

The Basic edition ships the most recent versions of our well known open-source libraries: JGoodies Looks, Forms, Binding, and Validation. Unlike the free libs, the commercial libraries have been updated for Java 9-14, Window 10, and high-dpi devices. However, the free libraries are still great pieces of software that you can download at no charge from our archive.

Smart Client Professional

The Professional edition adds essential components, our implementation of the JSR 296 “Swing Application Framework”, and one of the best pieces of JGoodies software: our Dialog library that dramatically reduces the time necessary to design, build, and implement a huge category of dialogs – and many dialogs are already done. You provide the content, we do the design. The library ensures style-guide compliance and cares about all the design details. You can’t do wrong anymore.

Smart Client Enterprise

The Enterprise edition is our flagship product for the Java desktop. It ships with full sources, and adds the JGoodies Search library for advanced auto-completion, and a whole bunch of utility, and framework code. Basically, it contains the code we have built during the past two decades of Swing development: libraries, prebuilt content, prepared example applications, and lots of solutions from projects that help both novice and expert developers gain speed for the application production process.

Java Desktop with Style

We’ve extended and simplified the public JSR 296 specification and provide a polished implementation that works with a variety of patterns. The extensions made in our library make your presentation logic and views easier to overview and to read. Event handling code is at the class top-level and is visible in a class’ outline.