JDiskReport Downloads

JDiskReport requires Java 6 or later, Java 7 is recommended. Make sure Java is installed, before you install JDiskReport. The tool has been tested on Windows, Mac, and Linux; it runs also on Solaris and other Java enabled operating systems.

Platform   File
Windows jdiskreport-1_4_1-win.exe
Mac OS X jdiskreport-1_4_1-mac.zip (requires Java 7 or later)
Linux, Solaris, Java enabled OS jdiskreport-1_4_1.zip

Java Web Start

If Java is installed on your computer, Web Start downloads, runs, and automatically updates JDiskReport with just one click. Web start JDiskReport

JDiskReport 2 Preview

An early preview of JDiskReport 2 is now available. JDiskReport 2 requires Java 7 or later.This version is much more raw than other releases that you have downloaded from JGoodies in the past. You cannot click in the size pie, and cannot easily see the scan progress. On the other hand, JDiskReport 2 can be run as a cron job (executed in the background), provides more information, and has seen a slight cleanup. Make sure you check out the extra views in the “More” (…) menu in the tool bar.


Since I update the preview frequently, you can execute it per Java Web Start only. This ensures that you’ll automatically get the latest version. I recommend that you enable to show the Java console in the Java Control Panel, because the scan progress is logged to the console and you can see the folder that is scanned.

Web start the JDiskReport 2 Preview