Java Library Downloads

Note: The downloads are currently not available, because we consider a new licensing scheme for the JGoodies Common, Binding, Forms, Looks, and Validation. At the moment these libraries ship only with the commercial JGoodies Smart Client. You can still download the libraries from the archive.

The libraries require Java 7 but run with Java 8 and Java 9.

We maintain and further improve the JGoodies libs and plan to extend the API to benefit from features introduced with Java 8 and Java 9. And we’re in the process of adding support for new OS versions and modern visual styles e.g. Windows 10. But it seems that we may need to charge for updates. Ideally, we’d continue to ship library updates at no charge, with full sources, and under the very relaxed terms of the BSD open source license.

Binding, Forms, Looks, and Validation require the JGoodies Common library.

Name Date Size Requires Rel. Notes
JGoodies Binding 2.16.0
Jul/27/2015 1717 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Common 1.11.0
Jul/31/2015 563 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Forms 1.13.0
Aug/01/2015 729 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Layout 1.13.0
Aug/01/2015 1615 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Looks 3.0.0
Aug/11/2015 2435 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Validation 2.7.1
Jul/31/2015 528 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes

Find releases for older Java versions in the archive.