Java Library Downloads

These libraries are provided under the terms of the BSD open source license. The packages include a Readme, the library jar, library and test sources, JavaDocs, a pom.xml, and documentation. The projects (except Common) are hosted at where you can access a public Subversion repository.

Binding, Forms, Looks, and Validation require the JGoodies Common library.

Name Date Size Requires Rel. Notes
JGoodies Binding 2.14.0 Apr/02/2015 1886 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Common 1.9.0 Apr/02/2015 559 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Forms 1.10.0 Apr/02/2015 1882 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Looks 2.8.0 Apr/02/2015 2399 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Validation 2.6.0 Apr/02/2015 614 KB ≥ Java 7 Rel. Notes

Find releases for older Java versions in the archive.