Java Library Downloads

Note: I’m sorry to say that I can no longer provide the libraries at no charge. The JGoodies open source effort has been cross-financed by our consulting services and product revenues in the past. But as a one-man-company I cannot justify the time and quite high costs for maintenance, for shaping quality APIs, writing docs, providing example sources, and a huge bulk of work to keep the JGoodies up-to-date with modern visual styles, Windows 10, Material Design, Java 9-16, high DPI devices, etc.

Hence, the JGoodies Common, Binding, Forms, Layout, Looks, and Validation libraries are available for consulting clients and ship with the commercial JGoodies Smart Client. You can still download older library versions from the archive. These are still great pieces of software.

Ideally, we’d continue to ship the libraries at no charge, with full sources, and under the very relaxed terms of the BSD open source license. A sponsor may jump in and help.

All libraries require the JGoodies Common library.

Name Date Requires Rel. Notes
JGoodies Application 2.13.0
JSR 296 – Swing Application Framework
Jul/22/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Binding 2.30.1
Two-way automatic data binding
Jun/06/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Common 1.25.0
Code shared by all JGoodies libs
Jul/22/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Components 1.30.0
Extends and complements Swing components
Jun/30/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Dialogs 1.23.1
Standard Dialogs for Tasks, Messages, Input, …
Jul/17/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Framework 1.39.0
General Swing Framework
Jul/21/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Forms 1.26.0
Backward compatibility layout classes
Jan/04/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Layout 1.26.1
Flexible, versatile, powerful layout system
Jul/17/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Looks 3.9.2
Professional Windows and cross-platform L&Fs
Jun/06/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Material 0.6.1
Material Design in Swing
Jun/17/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Navigation 1.5.0
Page based navigation in Swing
Jul/22/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies UWP 1.6.0
Windows 10 in Swing
Jul/22/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes
JGoodies Validation 2.13.1
Data validation and validation views
Apr/26/2021 ≥ Java 8 Rel. Notes

Find releases for older Java versions in the archive.