JGoodies Binding

The free JGoodies Binding synchronizes object properties with Swing components. And it helps you represent the state and behavior of a presentation independently of the GUI components used in the interface.

The Binding works well with Presentation Model, Model-View-Presenter (MVP), and other desktop patterns.

Download the latest version

Download the Showcase application to get tutorial sources


binder.bindBeanProperty("title")        .to(titleField);
binder.bindBeanProperty("amount")       .to(amountField);
      .converted(currencyConverter)     .to(priceField);
      .formatted(resultFormat)          .to(contactsLabel);
binder.bind(contacts, contactsSelection).to(contactsTable);


The Binding has been inspired by the VisualWorks ValueModel hierarchy, the PresentationModel pattern, and the Java Beans standard.