JGoodies Web Site Relaunch

The JGoodies web site has been overhauled to make it easier for you to find the tools, libraries, products, presentations, and information you’re looking for. Therefore we’ve simplified the navigation and reduced the design elements per page.

During the relaunch several links and download files had to be adjusted. Please report broken downloads and links. Thanks in advance – Karsten Lentzsch

Smart Client 6.1 Preview 2

The second preview of the upcoming Smart Client 6.1.0 is available at the product download section. The preview 2 runs stable, but the APIs will likely change for the final release. This version focuses on an API cleanup: deprecated classes have been removed and several classes have been simplified by rearranging the library layout and dependencies.

Also, the JGoodies Binding conversion mechanism has been brought to the binders by adding a #converted(BindingConverter) method. You can now write: binder.bindBeanProperty("price").converted(currencyConverter).to(priceField);

JGoodies Swing Suite 6.0

The JGoodies Swing Suite 6.0 is now available at the product download page. All libraries and example applications now use and require Java 6. Besides bug fixes only small changes have been make, to make it easy to migrate from version 5.0 to 6.0.

The deployment format of the Swing Suite libraries has been changed. Library sources and JavaDocs now ship as Java archives (jars) to better support Maven and to make it easiert to distribute Swing Suite library updates in a team.

Find details about all changes in the Release Notes that ship with the product.