Runtime Error Dialogs

The JGoodies Showcase now demonstrates two examples for dialogs that show a runtime error, see Dialogs>Messages>Errors. You can show and hide a problem report with stack trace, and you can send a problem report, or copy the report to the system clipboard resp.

Author: Karsten Lentzsch

As architect and designer of Java tools, demos, and several professional Swing libraries, Karsten Lentzsch is considered a leading expert in Java user interface technology and pluggable look&feel. He brings a wealth of experience in designing usable and elegant Java application to JGoodies. For over 21 years Karsten has been involved in object technologies and user interface design as a consultant, trainer, architect and expert developer. Since adopting Java programming early in 1997 he has designed and developed stand-alone applications, application frameworks, Java libraries, and enhancements to the Java look. He publishes articles about Java UI topics and talks at major Java conferences.